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LuLuLevy's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Heyaz! I love to draw!! (Duh haha) So this page gives you a selection of the things I love! I like to draw my pictures from memory because copying existing images is such a pain to me, I lack the patience to draw line from line! (And that's probably why I suck at drawing and lack necessary progress!) Lol Speaking of impatience, and you probably guessed it already, I'm an exceptionally super overly-hyper crazy maniac of a person! Who loves to... absolutely LOVES TO laugh my socks off! haahaahahyayahahahayyayayayaayayaya etc. I wouldn't be able to live without it! :) :iconhyperplz:

Um... let's see, if you'd like to know a bit about my art and I... I've been drawing for about almost 2 years now and as for digital art, I started learning a few months ago. I am an unbelievably iffy artist! Personally, I don't think my art is ever good enough but I just can't stop drawing no matter how bad a light I see my 'art' in. :'3 hopefully one day... and that's about it really ^-^

(Thank you to anyone who faves my work, I'm sorry if I don't get around to thanking you personally! <3)

For my explanation on Marth, Just check out my picture of him. It's a long one... (don't quite wanna redo!) But here's za link!…

Super Smash Bros Wii U Stamp Series - Marth by KevfinSuper Smash Bros. 4 (3DS/Wii U) - Marth by LittleYoshi8Marth Stamp by yukidarkfan Marth is Fabulous Stamp by FlareTornado I support Marth's tiara stamp by Black-Kat-55

And Dark Pit fan!!! (Couldn't find a button for him!) :icondarkpitplz: Shmeh, guess this'll do. XD

I finally found one!!

I know that this'll sound stupid and nonsensical but don't hate me, okay? Because personally, I've never ever played Kid Icarus (of any sorts) before but after my brother introduced me to his character... well... *Internet stalking mode activate for Dark Pit and Pit* (I'm not weird! I promise I have a good reason for this sudden 'obsession ' *shifty eyes* He just looked like a character I was drawing!)

Anyway I'd love to play it! And I've only but become SUPERLY addicted via YouTube videos and awesome fanart. I'll have to draw my own soon. Hey! You can't blame me for liking these characters! They're just so BLOODY AMAZING!! So thought I'd put some... maybe a little more than some pictures here to show my appreciation! <3 haha

Dark pit kick stamp by EmeraldTearDrop KI:U Stamp: Pit's Rally Cry by MightyBiteySnake Super Smash Bros Wii U Stamp Series - Pit by Kevfin Pit x Dark Pit Stamp by Darkie4Eva Dark Pit's Stamp by RalphAguilar462

Shows that are BRILLIANT:

Jaynneee Mackss, that's some layout! Nice and messy! Awww Yeaahhh!!!

:iconpitishappyplz: :iconpitismadplz: :iconhappypitplz: :iconkirbyspinplz: Dark Pit Smirk Chat Icon by mookeybrainDark Pit Neutral Chat Icon by mookeybrainDark Pit Glare Chat Icon by mookeybrain



Fullmetal Legacy Page 51
Coloured for :iconthe-da-ranger-group:

Original art by :iconringo-ichigo:

Lineart by me :D

Fullmetal Legacy Page 50
Coloured for :iconthe-da-ranger-group:

Original Lineart by :iconringo-ichigo:

Lineart redone by me :3

I do hope I got the colouring right :'3
Fullmetal Legacy Page 43
Coloured for :iconthe-da-ranger-group:

Lineart by :iconringo-ichigo:

Oh dear I do hope I got the colouring right :'3
Setsuna's Valentines
Setsuna from Fire Emblem Birthright. Awh I just love her so much and her care free attitude in life. She's so strong too. <3 so here's her preparing for Valentine's day xD 
Goddess Of Light
This was for practice but I chickened out on what I originally intended to do loool (/; -; )/
Master Mavis-Fairy Tail
Happy New Years Eve! 2016 is almost over! And here's Master Mavis welcoming you all to 2017 and wishing you a very Happy New Year! <3 :D see you guys next year xD
I love how Hiro Mashima draws Lucy. So pretty, beautiful and sweet <3 Here's an outfit I randomly drew sure xD :3 I hope you like :D


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Yours too! Really really impressive! Like how do you even sculpt like that?! :o
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Happy Birthday!! >v<

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Have some icon things! :iconmarthdanceplz: :iconmarthisfabulousplz: :iconmarthyayplz: :iconhappypitplz: :iconikeishappyplz: :iconhappylinkplz:

P.S. What day are you going to Eirtakon? Celty and I are probably gonna go on the Saturday. :)
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